Remote Ocean Systems (ROS) has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of reliable, high-tech equipment and systems for the most severe subsea, oceanographic, industrial, commercial and military environments since 1975.

Our customers require products which must be infinitely reliable. Our standard product line includes underwater video cameras, underwater lights, rugged pan and tilt units and video inspection systems; manufactured primarily for the oceanographic, nuclear and defense industries.

At ROS, we understand the daily challenges you face when working in extreme environments. We recognize that you need reliable products, a simple ordering process, and equipment delivered quickly. Our extensive inventory and state-of-the-art manufacturing methodology provide rapid turn-around time to meet our customers’ strict timelines.

ROS headquarters, a 28,000 sq. ft. research and manufacturing facility, is located in San Diego, California. This facility houses a modern machine shop, hydrostatic pressure test tank, electronics labs, advanced computer modeling and prototyping systems and environmental test chambers. Our staff includes experts in video engineering, mechanical design, reliability engineering, EMI resistivity and radiation resistance design.  From off-the-shelf components to specialized systems, ROS builds products to suit your specifications and to meet your deadlines.

ROS’ market continues to expand at a rapid rate, as more and more customers are relying on us for product quality and performance that cannot be found anywhere else.  Please contact us to discover more about ROS’ exemplary products and engineering services.



Engineering creates innovative designs for our customers while striving to ensure robustness and quality are maintained at high levels through rigorous testing.  Our innovation teams are constantly following, evaluating, and developing the latest technologies to meet our customers’ specific and demanding needs.


Our stringent design and development process identifies concerns well in advance of production using our FMEA tools so we can effectively address potential issues in a timely manner.  Continuous improvement is a high priority and we are always performing accelerated life testing and long-term testing on our products to prevent field-related failures from occurring.


Engineering works closely with our Manufacturing and Quality teams to streamline, standardize, and safely implement more efficient factory processes.  We recently introduced a new method to simplify configuring our products that allows us to reduce design turnaround time for the plethora of connector, wiring, setup, and control options.  Our Sales group can now react quicker to your product configuration questions by having necessary information right at their fingertips.


ROS has built its reputation on the principle of being a valued business partner to our customers.  We devote immense time and resources exploring new applications to improve our business and simplify the needs of our customers.  The material management team strives to adopt procurement best practices and to keep current with industry changes and improvements.  Our goal is to maximize ROI while optimizing procurement efficiencies and opportunities.


We partner with our suppliers to provide the highest quality parts at the best possible prices and integrate them into the design process to leverage their knowledge and skills.  We have amassed a wealth of global supply market knowledge and built a strong logistic team.  Our capabilities include the isolation and secure storage of customer supplied components, kanban of customer held finished goods, material planning, price negotiation, and personal attention to each sales order to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered to our customer on time.  We’re proud of the products we sell and the service we offer.


ROS manufacturing is a cell-based operation incorporating one-piece flow and a 5S lean manufacturing environment.  ROS manufacturing is committed to achieving the highest level of safety, quality and productivity.


The manufacturing team is IPC-610 soldering certified, conforms to ISO 9001:2008 policies and has an average experience level of nine years. Through the initiative of cross-training, ROS’s production team has aided in the reduction of customers lead times while increasing customer on-time delivery by 30%.


The ROS Quality Policy states that we are committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction and maintaining an organizational culture focused on continuous improvement.  We are committed to:


  • Providing technical products that meet our customer’s technical requirements
  • Producing high reliability products that will perform over their intended life-cycle
  • Delivering products to our customers on-time every time, and
  • Promptly provide exemplary service to our customers with integrity and respect


Our commitment success is based upon operational best practices including:


  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
  • Performance measures on delivery, warranty returns, 1st pass yields, etc.
  • Control Plans, HALT/HASS Testing
  • 100% functional and pressure testing
  • Certified IPC A 610 Inspectors and Operators
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20 Compliance