The PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) system is a compact and lightweight 1080i HDTV, high radiation inspection system featuring a 70 meter depth rating, Aluminum housing, and 36.5°H – 22°V (wide) field of view.  The PTZ camera is controlled using several options. The controller allows for control of the pan and tilt, dimming of the lights, and camera functions (zoom, focus, exposer). The console has all of the controller functions plus the ability to add audio and text overlay to digital video recorder with remote Ethernet access. The above features are available in a rack mount packaging or highly durable weather resistant transportation case. The PTZ has a 1-year warranty and various connector options.

Key Specifications

PTZ System includes:

  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera (PTZ)

  • Carrying Case

  • J-LockPole Adapter

  • Integrated Controller

  • Underwater Cable

System Products:


Download Spec Sheet PDF

Optional Product:

Download Spec Sheet PDF for PTZ Console