Engineering creates innovative designs for our customers while striving to ensure robustness and quality are maintained at high levels through rigorous testing.  Our innovation teams are constantly following, evaluating, and developing the latest technologies to meet our customers’ specific and demanding needs.


Our stringent design and development process identifies concerns well in advance of production using our FMEA tools so we can effectively address potential issues in a timely manner.  Continuous improvement is a high priority and we are always performing accelerated life testing and long-term testing on our products to prevent field-related failures from occurring.


Engineering works closely with our Manufacturing and Quality teams to streamline, standardize, and safely implement more efficient factory processes.  We recently introduced a new method to simplify configuring our products that allows us to reduce design turnaround time for the plethora of connector, wiring, setup, and control options.  Our Sales group can now react quicker to your product configuration questions by having necessary information right at their fingertips.