ROS has built its reputation on the principle of being a valued business partner to our customers.  We devote immense time and resources exploring new applications to improve our business and simplify the needs of our customers.  The material management team strives to adopt procurement best practices and to keep current with industry changes and improvements.  Our goal is to maximize ROI while optimizing procurement efficiencies and opportunities.


We partner with our suppliers to provide the highest quality parts at the best possible prices and integrate them into the design process to leverage their knowledge and skills.  We have amassed a wealth of global supply market knowledge and built a strong logistic team.  Our capabilities include the isolation and secure storage of customer supplied components, kanban of customer held finished goods, material planning, price negotiation, and personal attention to each sales order to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered to our customer on time.  We’re proud of the products we sell and the service we offer.